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coming soon, in the first quarter of 2018.
Hollywood Hispano is the first international community of Hispanic artists who advocates racial diversity in Hollywood and aims to connect Hispanic talent (actors, actresses, independent filmmakers), the growing demand for talent Film / TV industry in Hollywood .
We are not a talent agency or managers or representatives of artists. We are a social online community, which focuses on promoting Hispanic talent as well as the provision of information and important resources that can help our artists to reach the top!


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Your own customizable Avatar

Choose from thousands of combinations to create your own avatar on our platform. Your avatar will be your identity and will serve as your presentation. Unlock clothes and different costumes to be the envy of your friends.

Your own room to receive visitors

At all times you can meet your friends in your own room, which you can decorate to your liking with hundreds of objects. You will have a decoration shop where you can buy or exchange points.

Meet and contact other users in the sector

You will meet hundreds of users with whom you will share services, businesses and training. Make meetings with people in your sector and find friends and professionals to help you in your future career.

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Attend Webinars and presentations

You will have free access to the best webinars in the sector. In our platform you will find webinars about cinema, videogames, 3d ... attend these events live or visualize them whenever you want.

Attend Courses and Masters as a student

We have over 20 years being leaders in online and face-to-face training. You will enjoy all our training offer in a way never seen before. Videos, tasks, forums, online tutorials, all within the reach of our students.

Access the web directory of relevant data and files

Access free of charge the information and resources that we will put at your disposal. Directories of actors, resources and important companies in the sector, all at your disposal just for registering.

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Participate and organize face-to-face and online castings

One of the most important services of Hollywood Hispano are the castings, you will access them for free and if you are an agent you can create your own castings and manage them on the platform.

Make job interviews with companies in the sector

In Hollywood Hispano you will find companies of all kinds, which will offer services of all kinds. Endless business possibilities that we can not tell you with words. Register now.

Pitching your project or Portfolio

Do you have an idea, script or project that you do not know how to make it happen? In our platform you will find services and professionals from the sector that will help you and advise you at all times to fulfill your dreams.



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There are many ways to get points and credits in our campus. Just by registering you automatically earn a lot of points.
But there are other ways to get them:

  • Log into the campus every day. If you log in daily you’ll earn 20 points and 2 orbs, no strings attached.                             
  • Perform tasks and test courses and demos, this is what will give you most points. Especially if the tasks are related to our master-classes. Tasks for free courses and demos generate fewer points.                             
  • Collaborate and help others in our forums.                             
  • You’ll also get points for badges. Badges are valuable rewards for merits at the campus.                             
  • You can get points for actions in your room like taking care of plants and pets (in development)

Terms and conditions

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